The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in New York City gave us another light show earlier this evening and it was way funkier than the colorful shows from a couple of weeks ago.  When I first noticed that the lights were on again, the spire was blue, which matched colors of the Empire State Building’s celebration of Chanukah.   A spire at the neighboring  Condé Nast Building (4 Times Square) was also lit up in blue — I hadn’t seen that spire lit up in colored lights before.  Then the show began.   The two spires coordinated / dueled  in a mostly in unison strobe-like display where they changed colors  (purple, blue, red, yellow, green & sometimes black),  pulsed, spun,  turned on and off, and moved in waves.   Pretty wild stuff and a colorful addition to the NYC skyline!

Turns out that the Bryant Park Christmas Tree lighting celebration was going on around the same time; I’d guess the light show was part of it, or may have been planned to coincide with it.

Here’s the first part of the two part video (If you only want to watch one, I actually prefer part 2 —  further down below the jump — which has more color  but  less strobe-like pulsing):

And here’s part 2:

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  1. Michelle says:

    It’s 7:50 on 12/9 and they’re still on tonight, they put on a great show!

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