New Year’s eve brought even more colorful light shows at the Bank of America Tower (One Bryant Park) and Conde Nast (4 Times Square) with the Empire State Building still dressed up in Christmas Colors (*yawn*). Lots of nifty pulsing rainbow colors for the B of A and Conde Nast spires, and after midnight there were pinks, blues, greens. Right before midnight, the top part of the Bank of America Tower went dark with its lights turning off at the usual time. Kind of weird timing given the midnight celebration, they couldn’t have waited a few minutes just this one night?

If you watch carefully, you can catch a glimpse (a really small one!) of the celebratory fireworks at around the 2:41 mark on the right hand side of B of A toward the bottom. But they’re mostly obscured; blink and you’ll miss them. D

The footage was sped up 2X with roughly 7 minutes of video compressed into around 3 1/2 minutes.

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