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NYC Skyline as Hurricane Irene hits NYC – 8/28/11

Posted by LG On August - 28 - 2011

DIRECTV Blimp Flirts with the Empire State Building

Posted by LG On May - 14 - 2011

I shot this close-up footage of the DIRECTV blimp flying around the Empire State Building last fall on September 10, 2010 but never got around to turning it into a video until now. The blimp looped around and around, making some close passes by the observation deck.

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Whoever said that lightning doesn’t strike twice was wrong.  I caught on video three direct hits to the Empire State Building during the nasty lightning / thunder storm after midnight on April 13, 2011.  I actually saw a fourth, but sadly wasn’t filming at the time.  Oh well. That’s just ridiculous — the most hits I’ve ever seen before on the ESB in one night has been two. Amazing and awesome!

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