Yes Virginia, there was a Manhattanhenge -- 5/29/12 -- even under the massive clouds

A picture from this evening’s half sun Manhattanhenge — something that looked like it was gonna be a complete bust due to the massive clouds  —  taken from above.  Between the buildings, Google HQ on the right, and in a direct line with the street below,  you can see  the setting pinkish orange half sun on the other side of the little strip of the Hudson.   The picture is a little blurry because it was taken one handed over a railing so that I could show at least a little piece of the street in line with the sun.  So even though it seemed to be a washout at ground level,  yes, there was a Manhattanhenge after all, at least from my vantage point!

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Tonight’s Ethereal NYC Sky in Black & White

Posted by LG On April - 20 - 2012

Tonight's Ethereal NYC Sky in Black & White

The original, in color, with the Empire State Building in Green for Earth Day, is here.

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Flatiron Building, Cotton ball clouds against a blue sky

Posted by LG On January - 29 - 2012

Flatiron Building, Cotton ball clouds against a blue sky

The Flatiron Building, photographed against a blue cotton ball cloud filled sky on a sunny and uncharacteristically warm for winter day.  Another day of beautifully patterned skies!

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The NYC skyline: A wild day of changing clouds

Posted by LG On January - 27 - 2012

After a rainy day in New York City, the afternoon was filled with amazing rapidly changing fast moving clouds. From a sky laced with layered gray, the sun came out and made the buildings shine in a surreal light. The sky quickly changed to vivid blue with few clouds which soon filled up with multi-colored clouds of blues and grays. Then the sky became gray again. The heavy sunset clouds had a beautiful dapple gray effect, laced with a little bit of plum color as the sun shone brightly on the skyline buildings. Here are several of the many shots the afternoon produced:

Empire State Building and the wild afternoon skies: bright sun through gray skies

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