Here’s a video of Conan O’Brien’s big orange blimp making the pilgrimage along the Hudson to Yankee Stadium for the American League Playoff game 5. Notable landmarks that can be seen on the way: One Penn Plaza, New York Times Building

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Conan O’Brien’s big orange blimp paid NYC another visit on 10/10/10. Here’s a video of its floating over Greenwich Village’s East Village.

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From the press releases, it sounded like Conan O’Brien’s blimp visit to NYC (in advance of the debut of his new show on TBS) was supposed to start earlier on 10/9, or at least people expected it to. For whatever reason, it seemed to be stuck in the Philly area and then parked at an airport in New Jersey for most of the afternoon. When it finally made its way up to Yankee Stadium to visit the playoff game, it was after dark, and if you blinked, you missed it’s trip. I managed to get a not so great still shot of it and some mostly distant video as it hauled a$$ up the west side. It looked bizarre, like an orange UFO!

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