Empire State Building’s cool light show tonight

Posted by LG On April - 11 - 2012

The Empire State Building gave its brightly lit neighbors with colorful flashing spires — Bank of America Tower and 4 Times Square — a run for their money tonight, changing colors from red to blue to green to yellow, to hot pink, then it put on a little show where the the colors of the rainbow flashed. I saw it on half of the south side of the building, but it looks like it was on the west side (and I’m guessing on half of the north side as well). Perhaps this was a light test and is a taste of things to come on the skyline?   Guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.  Here are some pictures (video hopefully coming later!):
Rainbow colors: Empire State Building putting on a light show11!
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NYC Skyline as Hurricane Irene hits NYC – 8/28/11

Posted by LG On August - 28 - 2011

Video: Bank Of America Tower NYC Light Show 11/18/10

Posted by LG On November - 18 - 2010

Usually the spire of the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in NYC is lit up white or is dark.. This evening (11/18/10) there was a short light show that ended around 6pm, where it changed from purple to red to yellow to green to blue.before going dark. Looks like the Empire State Building is gonna have some company in the ‘adding colors to the Manhattan skyline department’. Pretty cool!

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The NY City area got its second wild weather in a week in the form of a lightning storm on the evening of  9/22/10.  The backdrop for this video is the midtown Manhattan skyline, featuring the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, etc.  It was a spectacular display of flashes and lightning bolts against the night sky.  There were so many that I just let the video run. This clip, around 9 1/2 minutes, is just a fraction of what I recorded, so I’ll probably put more up once I go through it.

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Visitors to the Empire State Building got a rare treat when the Met Life blimp floated through NYC several months ago and made passes right outside the observation deck. It flew around and around the city for much of the day and even cruised around the ESB as the sun was setting and after it was dark. This is a series of close up photos that I took and made into a slide show.

It’s so cool how close that big air whale passed by the ESB, although that building was supposed to originally be used as a blimp dock. Due to the high winds, that idea apparently didn’t work out so well as only one blimp was said to have successfully docked.

Photo date: 5/20/10

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A violent lightning and thunder storm, dumping a torrential downpour, ripped through NYC in the late afternoon of 9/16/10. The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes, and then calm resumed.

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The Empire State Building’s lightning rod got put to good use during this lightning / thunder storm — it got zapped by a direct hit! How neat is that?

And no, the ESB isn’t leaning.  That was a tripod malfunction that couldn’t be adjusted.  Oops!

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The early morning NYC skyline is lit up by a lightning flash that surrounds the Empire State Building. May 27, 2010

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The Empire State Building lights went inexplicably dark for a while on Thursday evening (5/6/10). They were still on shortly after 9pm, but I noticed that the lights were all black at 9:49 when I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. They started to come back on around 9:54 pm. Here are some pictures of the lights on just after 9 when the all white lights were still on, what it looked like all in black  (but for the still white antenna), and how they looked as the lights were coming on again.  It looked like Green lights were being turned on, but they eventually morphed into white.  It kind of felt like I was watching an eclipse.

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