Lit up in Christmas colors of Red and Green alongside the spire light shows at Bank of America Tower and 4 Times Square, the Empire State Building was part of its own light show on 12/19/11. Multiple lights bounced up and down the south side of the building intermittently, then darted from side to side along the midtown NYC skyline. Finally, the light stopped at the top of the building and then shot upward through the spire. No idea where the lights were coming from (anyone know?) but it was pretty cool and unexpected to watch!  Note: The grainy video (sorry!) was sped up 2x in the interest of brevity.

Incidentally, after months of relatively conservative Bank of America / 4 Times Square spire light shows where the light colors changed kind of slowly, as you can see in the video, they’re now getting back to the wacky flashier lights not seen since last fall / winter.   Here’s what they looked like last year.

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Some highlights from the 38th annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade 2010. Love the long snake, huge dancing / bobbing and weaving skeletons and dinosaurs, and the general festive mayhem! And unlike 2009 this year it didn’t rain!

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From the press releases, it sounded like Conan O’Brien’s blimp visit to NYC (in advance of the debut of his new show on TBS) was supposed to start earlier on 10/9, or at least people expected it to. For whatever reason, it seemed to be stuck in the Philly area and then parked at an airport in New Jersey for most of the afternoon. When it finally made its way up to Yankee Stadium to visit the playoff game, it was after dark, and if you blinked, you missed it’s trip. I managed to get a not so great still shot of it and some mostly distant video as it hauled a$$ up the west side. It looked bizarre, like an orange UFO!

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Here’s more wild footage of NY City’s second lightning storm in a week  that hit on 9/22/10.   It features the Con Edison clock tower and Zeckendorf Towers at Union Square looking west into Brooklyn. There are loads of violently spectacular lightning bolts. The video was taken over an eighteen minute period and whittled down to less than two, showing the most dramatic strikes.

Con Edison is showing it’s own light show, with the clock tower colors changing from reds to greens.

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The NY City area got its second wild weather in a week in the form of a lightning storm on the evening of  9/22/10.  The backdrop for this video is the midtown Manhattan skyline, featuring the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, etc.  It was a spectacular display of flashes and lightning bolts against the night sky.  There were so many that I just let the video run. This clip, around 9 1/2 minutes, is just a fraction of what I recorded, so I’ll probably put more up once I go through it.

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