The Empire State Building lights went inexplicably dark for a while on Thursday evening (5/6/10). They were still on shortly after 9pm, but I noticed that the lights were all black at 9:49 when I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. They started to come back on around 9:54 pm. Here are some pictures of the lights on just after 9 when the all white lights were still on, what it looked like all in black  (but for the still white antenna), and how they looked as the lights were coming on again.  It looked like Green lights were being turned on, but they eventually morphed into white.  It kind of felt like I was watching an eclipse.

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A cool time lapse video of the ESB shot from across the Hudson River in New Jersey that goes from dusk to dark.

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It was glorious in NYC on 5/4/10 with clear blue skies for most of the day. This shot of the Empire State building was taken around 20 minutes after sunset as some big clouds rolled by.  The lights were white.

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Here’s a night time video I took of the Empire State Building.  The clouds are fast moving, and the fog give it an eerie glow….

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